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All products are ethically sourced and comply with ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative).


Designed bespoke to you in block, Tequla, Natural Stone Sets, Drivesett Duo, Permeable, Octants, Cirlces, Argent, Driveline Excel, Vintage, Elise, Cobbletech, in a massive range of colours and contrasts with Drainage, Kirbs & Borders.


From lightly textured Natural Sawn Stone to Rugged Riven Stone with various texture concrete in a massive selection of sizes and colours.


Natural stone in various colours & sizes, Old Mill Brick, Tequla, Argent, Heritage, Marshalite, Croft Stone, Coach House, Including different caps & coping.


Natural Stone or Concrete in various colours & sizes.

Permeable Paving

Why Permeable Paving?

Flooding in local towns and cities is becoming more and more regular. As large areas of open porous ground becomes sealed over by buildings and hard surfacing the flooding risk increases. We all have a responsibility to reduce the impact we contribute to this. Local drainage systems find it difficult to deal with the increased number of heavy rainfall we all seem to get throughout the UK. We therefore need to do things differently to improve the situation. Using permeable paving will help reduce the impact of flooding.


A Bioverse System driveway is a naturally better way to create a driveway that looks great and also has a positive impact on the environment. Easily constructed using Bioverse modules, Bioverse grass seed and a Bioverse sub-base, the system will take carbon from the atmosphere and become carbon neutral over the life of the product. Interlocking Bioverse modules, available in Limestone or Beechwood, allow water to travel between the blocks into the ground below and also provide a wide choice of laying possibilities.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is fast becoming the only choice for your lawn. It provides you with an all year round lush looking green grass. The new synthetic artificial grass we can supply is just like a real lawn and feels very similar to a naturally grown lawn. It is perfect for use in the home, school playgrounds, apartment complexes, caravan hotel parks, retirement homes, restaurants and anywhere else you need an easy to maintain lawn with 0% effort.



Gambion Walling


Coming Soon!!


Professional power cleaning, resanding and maintenance. We can protect your investment with 'Active Shield'.